How to Request a UniPrint Purchase in Workday

  1. Obtain a quote from UniPrint for custom services or products you would like to request a purchase for. You can complete the online form, emailing a customer service representative, or calling your customer service representative. 
    • A quote is not required for items purchased in the online store.
  2. Log into Workday.
  3. Under Applications, select “Request Travel or Purchase.”
  4. Select Request to procure goods and/or services” (Learn more about “Creating a Requisition -Purchasing Goods & Services” in Workday).
  5. Most of the required information is automatically populated, but under “Requisition Type” you will need to select “Buckeye Buy Request.” While on this page, make sure the “Deliver-To” and “Ship-To” addresses are correct. Central Receiving will deliver your purchase directly to the “Deliver-To” address – just as they did before Workday. Click, Start Requisition.
  6. Under “Search for Goods and Services”, type "UniPrint" and press enter.
  7. Three items should appear in the main window.
  8. Decide which service best represents your request and select “Add to Cart.” There is no need to fill in a quantity (QTY) at this point.
  9. An item will appear in your cart, which is located in the top-right corner. Select the cart.
  10. Type the amount of the quote under QTY. For example, if your quote is for $550.85, type 551. Select “Submit”
  11. Select “Checkout.”
  12. Be sure to include a business purpose under “Internal Memo.” Upload your quote and files if ready under “Attachments.” Select “Submit.”
  13. Select “Done.” 
  14. If this requisition is for an online order remember to return to UniPrint’s online storefront to finalize and submit that order to UniPrint.

Order Timeline
The requisition request will route to your fiscal office first. UniPrint will be notified of the order request after the transaction is approved by your fiscal office. Customers should contact their UniPrint customer service representative to ensure their order is processed in a timely fashion. You can check the status of your requisition in Workday. Learn how.

Stop by our UniPrint office during normal business hours to pick-up printing proofs or completed jobs. Be sure to follow all safety and healthy guidelines