A Diploma's Path Gets Personal at Ohio State

Amanda Merryweather vividly remembers that special day last May, when she sat in the stands of the iconic Ohio Stadium, part of the thousands of students in the 2017 graduating class - 11,734 students to be exact. And each of those students who walked that day received their very own, live diploma. Ohio State is one of the largest universities to attempt such a feat.

“It’s really special,” said Merryweather, who received a bachelor’s degree in health information management, and who has a special appreciation for the detailed path of an Ohio State diploma after working as a student assistant in the university’s Office of Commencement and Special Events.

“I’m proud that our university takes the time to make the ceremony special,” she said. “Looking down at the field and seeing all of the diplomas, I just appreciate it so much more.”

Katie Schwegman is part of the self-described “well-oiled machine” that ensures each diploma is correct and gets in the right hands during commencement. As a program coordinator in the Office of Commencement and Special Events, she’s part of the team that’s working to set the standard for handing out live diplomas.

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