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Ohio State’s Print Center of Expertise

UniPrint is Ohio State’s full-service printer, and as the Print Center of Expertise, UniPrint executes projects in-house while stewarding the selection and management of third-party suppliers when necessary for services not offered by UniPrint, and/or for when overflow printing capacity is required. 

Business cards, pocket folders, letterhead and other common items are available to order through the online store. For third-party supplier relationships, UniPrint negotiates pricing and contracts while managing print projects end-to-end with selected suppliers – leveraging UniPrint’s printing expertise to ensure the highest quality work is executed and delivered.

If you have a more complex job and know exactly what you want, you can  request an estimate online or contact a customer service representative (CSR) you have an existing relationship with. From there, your CSR will assist and guide you through the entire print process, regardless of whether UniPrint is printing in-house or utilizing a contracted supplier.

Not sure where to start or have questions about our offerings? Contact our customer service team and they’ll be happy to assist you.

UniPrint’s Print Center of Expertise not only elevates the level of print services available to the enterprise and drive quality, but also:​

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Offers consolidated print expertise and increase access to print consultation, which will enable units to reallocate their time/focus.

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Looks for scale opportunities to drive competitive pricing for all external printing to support budget management, lending cost savings across the enterprise without sacrificing quality or access to specialized services.​

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Streamlines fiscal processing (e.g. negotiations, contract management, procurement, etc.) for units and their fiscal teams.

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Keeps printing funds in-house for printing that can be done by UniPrint.

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Aids in ensuring brand alignment to optimize market presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there added fees to cover UniPrint’s overhead costs?

As UniPrint is part of the university, there is no additional cost for working with or through us.

What kinds of specialty capabilities are available in-house?

Currently, UniPrint provides offset and digital printing, finishing and binding, signs, posters, banners, addressing services, insertions, mailing list integrations, inventory management and fulfillment, books, brochures, magazines, digital publishing and more. We continually evaluate needs and adjust our offerings to best suit the university.

What if I already have a print supplier that I want to use?

The process still begins with UniPrint. If we cannot fulfill your needs, we will help you determine which of our community-vetted printing partners is the best match for your project. UniPrint does not have to manage the project, but we ask that you start any projects you may have with us. We can be totally hands off once you are in the preproduction phase or serve as your liaison for the entire process.

Does this apply to the Columbus campus only?

No, UniPrint manages all printing for all of The Ohio State University. We recognize that there are unique considerations for the regional campuses and extension offices (such as shipping and working with local businesses) and are working with representatives from those areas to identify and implement the best solutions.