Print Center of Expertise

Ohio State’s Print Center of Expertise

The marketing and communications team here at Ohio State has been exploring ways to work together to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. One such effort is focused on refining and optimizing our supplier management relationships across different marketing and communications categories – including printing. 

Across the institution, we use several print suppliers including our Ohio State-owned printer, UniPrint. Many units utilize UniPrint for various printing needs today; however, a significant amount of printing continues to be outsourced to off-premise suppliers. In partnership with the Office of Administration and Planning (UniPrint), the Office of Business and Finance (Purchasing) and a marketing and communications steering committee, all printing is now managed by UniPrint as the Print Center of Expertise (CoE) for Ohio State printing. 

UniPrint is Ohio State’s full-service printer, and as the Print Center of Expertise, UniPrint will continue executing projects in-house while stewarding the selection and management of third-party suppliers when necessary for services not offered by UniPrint, and/or for when overflow printing capacity is required. Learn more about how a project will typically be managed by UniPrint by reviewing this Center of Expertise process flow diagram. For third-party supplier relationships, UniPrint will negotiate pricing and contracts while managing print projects end-to-end with selected suppliers – leveraging UniPrint’s printing expertise to ensure the highest quality work is executed and delivered.

Print Center of Expertise Overview

UniPrint’s Print Center of Expertise will not only elevate the level of print services available to the enterprise and drive quality, but also will:​

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Offer consolidated print expertise and increase access to print consultation, which will enable units to reallocate their time/focus.

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Look for scale opportunities to drive competitive pricing for all external printing to support budget management, lending cost savings across the enterprise without sacrificing quality or access to specialized services.​

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Streamline fiscal processing (e.g. negotiations, contract management, procurement, etc.) for units and their fiscal teams.

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Keep printing funds in-house for printing that can be done by UniPrint.

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Aid in ensuring brand alignment to optimize market presence.

Members of the MCEE Steering Committee, UniPrint and University Marketing will be connecting directly with colleges/units to review existing printing needs and help ensure the transition to utilizing the UniPrint Center of Expertise is seamless. During these kickoff meetings, each unit will be introduced to its UniPrint Customer Service Representative to help in navigating future printing needs.

For questions regarding the UniPrint Center of Expertise, you may contact:

Jeff Dible
UniPrint  |  614-292-5312          

Jessica Feng
Manager, Strategic Initiatives
University Marketing  |  614-292-2690