Poster Printing Instructions

Banner image of a printed poster

.PDF to Poster:
Graphic showing text of File and Print
  • Log into a library desktop computer (do not use a personal computer).
  • Go to FILE and PRINT.
Image of a dropdown menu with text Thompson 160 Plotter
  • Open the CHANGE THE PRINTER dropdown menu, click SEE MORE and choose THOMPSON 160 PLOTTER.
  • Click FIT.
Image showing a button with text Properties and several dropdown options
  • Click the PROPERTIES button.
  • Click SEE MORE within the dropdown menu to choose the size of your poster.
  • DO NOT SELECT OVERSIZE ARCH. Ensure the option begins with "Arch _"
    • Arch B - 12" x 18" - $3.50
    • Arch C - 18" x 24" - $5.00
    • Arch D - 24" x 36" - $8.00
    • Arch E - 36" x 48" - $14.00
Image with text Print Quality and a slider ranging from Speed to Quality
  • Click the PAPER / QUALITY tab.
  • For large blocks of red or high quality images, adjust the print quality slider from SPEED towards QUALITY.
Image with text Layout/Output and options Portrait and Landscape
  • Click the LAYOUT / OUTPUT tab and have settings at LANDSCAPE and ROTATION: 90 DEGREES.

  • If printing PORTRAIT orientation, please select ROTATION: AVOID CLIPPING.

Image with text Print and image of a student ID
  • Click OK, then click PRINT. Type your last name.#.
  • Posters can be printed at the plotter printers in THOMPSON 160 and THOMPSON 122. Swipe your BuckID or type in your last name.# to release the poster.