UniPrint is committed to delivering the products and services our university needs without compromising the needs of future Buckeyes. UniPrint is committed to responsible forest management; we are working hard to ensure our paper originates from sustainable and properly managed forests. We continue to guide The Ohio State University in developing innovative solutions that offer our customers more environmentally friendly options.

Our Efforts

  • UniPrint is an Energy Star partner, helping to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.
  • We use inks and alcohol-free substitutes in the presses to be fully compliant with the Ohio EPA and reduce air emissions by approximately 90%.
  • We recycle all scrap materials throughout the printing processes, including paper, metal and ink.
  • Customers are encouraged to recycle their toner cartridges.

Workplace Best Practices

  • Default your printers & MFDs (Multi-Function Devices) to print double-sided.
  • Centralize office printing to reduce electricity and consumables.
  • Extend margin default of printer drivers to get more on each page.
  • Use print preview to ensure it prints correctly the first time.
  • Network MFDs to maximize scanning and electronic document transportation.
  • Get rid of ink jet and other environmentally unfriendly printers.