Course Packets

UniPrint continues the decades-old traditional of being the only on-campus source for course packets. Our commitment to providing affordable, relevant material to all of our students has never been stronger.

Complete, Convenient Ordering Experience

Faculty and Staff, ordering and preparing your course packets has never been easier or more convenient. Digital files or printed pages, we gladly accept whichever is your preference. A complimentary instructor copy and free pickup and delivery of your original materials is also included. Arrangements for additional instructor materials can be made at the time of order.

Existing Material Database

UniPrint may already have the materials you need on file! We are happy to search our ever-growing electronic archive of previously used materials for you.

Copyright Assurance

Let UniPrint leverage existing relationships with publishers and copyright clearance centers, such as Harvard Business Publishing, to ensure that the proper copyright permissions are retrieved in an expeditious manner.

Additional Highlights

  • Online Submission
  • Copyright Assurance
  • Existing Material Database
  • HEOA Compliance
  • Quick Student Copy Replenishment